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The word UBUNTU is an African word with origins linked to a number of different Southern African countries. It is a word that carries with it a number of interpretations and meanings - all of which depend on the context in which the word is being used. The interpretation of Ubuntu that has always resonated with us is "I am because we are". 


Ubuntu embraces the idea that humans cannot exist in isolation, instead it focuses on the strength of the community. A community is a group of people who share in some way, shape or form an identity forming narrative. As Chiropractors there are many fundamental beliefs that we all share to some extent and in turn they shape who we are. These shared beliefs make us a part of the global Chiropractic community.  I am, because we are. 

In 2022 the Lions have this concept of Ubuntu into our hearts. Through joining the Lions you will become a part of community and a movement with chiropractic at its core. As we grow together so we grow ourselves. 


So, embrace community, embrace chiropractic, embrace Ubuntu.


If you would like to join Lions of Chiropractic - then please head over to the Memberships page and become a member of the most inclusive movement in the chiropractic profession!

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